As a maker of superior performance tyres, BFGoodrich is proud to say that they've been passionately performance-driven since the start. From the deserts of Baja to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, their rich heritage of successful performance racing helps ensure that your vehicle is ready for any challenge, at any time.
BFGoodrich has faced much adversity through the years in on-and off-road racing, which has taught them many important lessons about the way tyres perform. Their engineers have applied these learnings to every product in every segment. So no matter what type of driving you’re after, you can be assured that BFGoodrich tyres are up to the task.

Where it all began...

In 1870, Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich founded the first tyre factory in North America, in Akron, Ohio. Even then, performance was already an integral part of the brand’s DNA. This led Charles Cross Goodrich, son of Benjamin, to establish the very first tyre research centre in the United States. As a result, BFGoodrich began to stand out from the competition as early as 1903, when it provided the tyres for the Winton Touring Car, the first car to cross the North American continent from east to west.
BFGoodrich soon identified another means of improving mobility by entering the rapidly expanding industry of aeronautics. This allowed the challenge-oriented brand to push the limits in new ways. The brand was involved in the 75km/h speed record set in 1909, at the first international air race held in Reims, on a Curtiss Aeroplane Corporation plane.
The 1920s presented the chance to conquer a challenge that was once thought unthinkable. In 1927, BFGoodrich provided the tyres for the Spirit of St. Louis, in which Charles Lindbergh made the first nonstop transatlantic flight in history.


The all-new BFGoodrich® Trail-Terrain T/A® tire has an optimized footprint design, featuring full-depth 3D-locking sipes, provides excellent tread-block stability for even wear, which results in longer tread life and a quiet, comfortable ride.
75% on-road | 25% off-road


ENGINEERED TO EXPLORE: The good road in isn’t always the good road out.

It’s not your average daily driver.  The BFGoodrich® Trail-Terrain T/A® tire is designed to resist chipping and tearing in occasional gravel road usage. The serrated shoulder design is optimized for soft-soil traction in light off-pavement situations without compromising road noise.


BFGoodrich AT TA KO2

Our toughest All-Terrain tyre. Ever. The BFGOODRICH All-Terrain T/A KO2 tyre is an On-/Off-Road all-terrain that delivers exceptional toughness, durability and traction for traversing harsh conditions and gives you the confidence to take on the toughest challenges for work or play.


20% Tougher Sidewalls*

The KO2 uses CoreGard technology developed in the Baja T/A KR2 tyre for split and bruise-resistant sidewall rubber and a thicker, extended shoulder to reduce the risk of sidewall damage. Computer modeling was used to predict object paths creating a sidewall design most likely to deflect protruding objects, reducing the chances of splits and snags. The result is a tougher 4×4 tyre allowing you to take on terrain in all conditions.

*Based on internal sidewall splitting test vs BFGOODRICH® All-Terrain T/A KO tyre in size LT265/70R17. Sidewall splitting test results were derived from a simulated sidewall aggression testing machine (patent pending US20120245859A1). All claims based on pre-production tyre testing.

Longer Tread Life On & Off Road*

The KO2 tyre has a new tread design and rubber formulation that helps it last twice as long on gravel and 15 percent longer on asphalt than the previous KO tyre. The tread rubber has been optimally blended to reduce the risk of tread chipping and tearing on gravel. A new footprint shape and interlocking tread design provide more uniform wear when used on road. Special stone ejectors push objects out of the tread to reduce drilling into the tyre.


*Off-Road test – Based on commissioned third-party gravel endurance tests vs BFGOODRICH® All-Terrain T/A KO tyre size LT265/70R17. All claims based on pre-production tyre testing.


Aggressive All Terrain Traction

The KO2 tyre also has a range of tread features for better mud traction. Side-Biter lugs in the sidewall improve traction in mud and rocks. Raised bars in the shoulder help release compacted mud for better traction in soft soil. 3-D sipes create biting edges for better sand traction.

Side Biter Lugs
Protruding sidewall rubber blocks provide increased mud & rock traction, especially in aired-down driving situations.

Mud-Buster Bars
Raised bars in the shoulder help release compacted mud for enhanced traction in muddy and soft soil conditions.

Serrated Shoulder Design
Staggered shoulder blocks provide greater maneuverability in soft soil and deep snow conditions. Combined with 3-D active sipe technology that provide more biting edges.


BFGoodrich T/A KM3

Our next-generation off-road tyre for extreme conditions. Built through Experience… earned on the trail.

For serious off-road enthusiasts
20% on-road, 80% off-road
The new BFGOODRICH® KM3 tire delivers extreme toughness and traction to take drivers anywhere they want to go.



All KM3 tires are designed with industry-leading tread compounds that are designed to enhance grip on rock and other slick surfaces.


Boosts traction capabilities in mud and soft soil thanks to a notched shoulder design.


Massive tread blocks are designed to deliver incredible grip from any angle of approach.


Allows the tire to flex and envelop objects in aired-down situations.


Release compacted mud for enhanced traction in muddy and soft soil conditions


Made to mud

5% better mud traction

​​​​​​​Power through mud and loose soil with our Terrain-Attack tread design. Its massive tread blocks are designed to deliver incredible grip from any angle of approach, and Mud-Phobic Bars release compacted mud for continued traction.

Built to climb

8% better rock traction

Take on Earth’s toughest terrain with advanced Krawl-TEK compound that enhances grip on rock and slick surfaces. Plus, a Linear Flex Zone allows the tire to flex and envelop objects in aired-down driving situations.

Created to conquer

27% tougher sidewalls

Go places others only dream of, thanks to race-proven advancements. CoreGard Max Technology uses a thick sidewall shield and specialized compound to help guard against sharp objects, while Traction-Armor Sidewall Sculpture helps prevent sidewall splitting.