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It is probably the very special mixture of consciousness of our tradition, pride, pursuit of perfection and our enthusiasm for maximum performance which makes BILSTEIN suspensions and BILSTEIN shock absorbers stand out. Each and every product that we develop incorporates the entire experience of more than 60 years of original equipment manufacturing and the insights gained from over 50 years of racing. Thanks to this special heritage, each of our suspensions and each of our shock absorbers has its own soul. This is why, in addition to undergoing state-of-the-art testing procedures, all of the products that we develop are individually fine-tuned in the BILSTEIN road test. In this way we ensure the unique BILSTEIN driving experience for original equipment, OE replacement, tuning and motorsports. The extra effort is worth it. Our numerous Best Brand Awards and the outstanding success in motorsports speak for themselves. Get to know our entire BILSTEIN product range on the following pages.

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Drive the Legend

Actions are what legends are made of. Actions that pave the way for change. By developing the mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorber for series production more than 60 years ago, we laid the foundation for the establishment of gas-pressure technology as a standard in automotive engineering. As a result, driving became safer, more comfortable and more dynamic.
Formula 1 drivers such as Niki Lauda and Alain Prost, the 24 Hours winners Jacky Ickx and Hans-Joachim Stuck, the Ralley champion Walter Rohrl or the DTM winner Bernd Schneider became motorsport legends with the help of BILSTEIN technologies. Today we are back to the start as well, e.g. as an official partner of Aston Martin Racing or Black Falcon.
We value our tradition and love our work! We are enthusiastic about our customers, their individual needs and our uncompromising quality – from original equipment to OE replacement and motorsports.
Enjoy the perfect BILSTEIN driving experience yourself!


Over 60 years of experience in original equipment and more than 50 years of racing history make our products and services unique. For the ultimate BILSTEIN driving experience, we test each product in a road test. Numerous Best Brand Awards and successes in motorsport speak for themselves.
Everything but standard.


The world’s most important automobile brands trust us – for a reason: Our technologies are anything but standard. They stand for the pioneering spirit of us BILSTEINERS, are milestones of our development and a permanent feature of our products. They are used where they make sense and where the demands on our products require it.

BILSTEIN original equipment.

BILSTEIN gas-pressure technology.

BILSTEIN air suspension.

BILSTEIN road test.

BILSTEIN twin-tube technology.

BILSTEIN mono-tube technolgy.
BILSTEIN Upside-Down technology.


BILSTEIN round threads.

Threaded body adjustment range.

BILSTEIN 1-way adjustment.

BILSTEIN 2-way adjustment.

BILSTEIN ride height adjustment.


Always one step ahead with the individual needs of our customers always in mind. This makes us BILSTEINERS stand out and we take this approach even regarding our optional highlight developments which additionally enhance our products. Depending on the product,  options can be selected to increase the individual comfort experience.

BILSTEIN DampMatic®.

BILSTEIN DampTronic®.

BILSTEIN Ridecontrol®.




BILSTEIN revolutionized damping technology in 1954 and has been impressing motorsport fans with its top quality and top performance ever since. With numerous podium places and championship titles in races and rallies of various series, BILSTEIN has become an integral part of motorsport.

When Mercedes-Benz installed Bilstein gas pressure dampers in a rally car for the first time and instantly won, an exemplary winning streak started. Podium places and championships in Formula 1, the World Rally Championship and the DTM as well as victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Nürburgring and Daytona have been achieved until today.

As an active partner of the automotive industry, we are constantly present in the development of innovations. BILSTEIN specialists supply everyone with the complete range of dampers, from single and twin-tube dampers to electronically adjustable systems that actively react to the driving behavior.

Our Innovation is a Tradition

When the foundations were laid for the BILSTEIN innovation incubator in 1873, nobody could have anticipated the illustrious future that lay in front of the company. Despite starting out in the field of window fittings production, from 1928 onwards the emphasis was increasingly placed on automotive technology. In 1954 came the breakthrough: Hans Bilstein recognised the huge potential of the idea for a mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber developed by French researcher Bourcier de Carbon. We have since gone on to have a huge impact on the course of automotive history. For over 50 years, eminent brands such as Mercedes-Benz have been putting their trust in the strength of innovation and quality demonstrated by our products.