Quality in series.

BILSTEIN original equipment.

If the designation original equipment did not exist, it would have to be invented for us. For more than 60 years, we have been the development partner of choice for the suspension and shock absorber systems of renowned automakers – manufacturers in the premium segment aswell as high-volume manufacturers. From the development of suspension components for series production to high-performance suspensions for motorsports or the production of high-quality repair solutions for OE replacement, our products and our expertise are in high demand. Our comprehensive product range with high market coverage and availability includes everything – from OE replacement to tuning and motorsports. This is how we ensure the legendary BILSTEIN driving experience during the entire vehicle life.
The pressure trick.

BILSTEIN gas-pressure technology.

In traditional oil shock absorbers, extreme stress can lead to foaming of the oil which causes a reduction of the damping power of up to 35%. As early as in the 1950’s, we developed the BILSTEIN gas-pressure technology as a solution for this problem. With the first installation of the mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorber in series-produced vehicles at Mercedes-Benz in 1957, we firmly established gas-pressure technology in automotive construction until today – mono-tube and twin-tube design. This means reliable shock absorption and suspension under any load and added safety in dynamic driving situations. BILSTEIN gas-pressure shock absorbers provide high traction and precise handling even under maximum load.
Not all air springs are the same.

BILSTEIN air suspension.

Again, we were pioneers in original equipment manufacture and have remained the technology leader in OE replacement until today. BILSTEIN air springs not only provide damping and suspension but also level control. The counterpressure in the air bags ensures the usual driving level even under varying loads. BILSTEIN air springs are available in passive and active design. While passive air suspension systems only allow one damping setting, active air springs provide accurate characteristic lines for selection. Either the driver can switch between sports and comfort or the system itself chooses the optimum characteristic within milliseconds. Only the respective BILSTEIN technology of original equipment provides a driving experience as on day one. BILSTEIN air springs are made from 100% new parts; they maintain a constant damping resistance under any pressure and have high power reserves for maximum safety; they are available for both passive and active air suspension systems.
Theoretically good is not good enough for us.

BILSTEIN road test.

Needless to say that we use state-of-the-art measurement and testing procedures for objective criteria such as safety, loading, braking and steering behaviour, dynamic driving and driving comfort. In addition, however, something very human is important to us: how it feels to the driver. All our high-performance shock absorbers, air suspension modules and sport and coilover suspensions undergo a rigorous testing program with various driving situations on the Nurburgring or in our own test centre in Papenburg. Only if all our test engineers agree that the optimum is achieved, may the tested products be called BILSTEIN - a name that stands for the legendary BILSTEIN driving experience. By people for people.
Perfect damping every day.

BILSTEIN twin-tube technology.

More than 90% of all series vehicles are equipped with twin-tube shock absorbers as standard. In shock absorbers with double-walled twin-tube technology, the piston divides the interior oil chamber into two working chambers. During bump, the piston pushes the oil into the upper working chamber and into the compensation chamber between cylinder and container tube. During rebound, the piston valve is responsible for damping. Thanks to the technology transfer from series production, our BILSTEIN twin-tube shock absorber program offers thoroughly tested original manufacturer quality for OE replacement.
Original high power equipment.

BILSTEIN mono-tube technology.
BILSTEIN Upside-Down technology.

The original and best: Our BILSTEIN mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers were the first in series production and have remained the equipment of choice for high demands until today: Whether poor driving conditions, challenging loads, trailer operation, sporty driving or motorsports – BILSTEIN mono-tube technology provides higher damping power due to the larger effective surface of the piston, easier handling, consistently higher performance and a longer service life. The flexible installation options of the mono-tube technology give engineers the freedom to choose the perfect installation position. With BILSTEIN Upside-Down technology, the piston rod is installed at the bottom of the tube body. The wear-resistant chromium tube moves up and down in the friction bearings. In this way, the support and lateral forces are distributed across a large area and the torsional strength of the connection between wheel and vehicle body is increased.
Layer by layer.


The BILSTEIN-Triple-C-Technology stands for a high-performance three-layer coating. It has especially been developed for effective corrosion protection for our coilover suspensions and optimized in the endurance test according to DIN 50021 SS. Even over 600 hours in the salt spray chamber were no problem for our special coating. In comparison: A stainless steel thread only withstands the test procedure for 418 hours.
Coating 1The special zinc alloy ensures excellent adhesion to
the base material and long-lasting corrosion protection.
Coating 2The homogeneous middle coating transforms the
bottom zinc layer into a completely sealed surface.
Coating 3Perfect finish and maximum protection against
mechanical wear and corrosion.
Perfect balance.

BILSTEIN round threads.

Compared to traditional threads, these threads are round and do not have any sharp edges. This means that the thread is less susceptible to wear caused by environmental influences such as dirt or road salt. The thread can be adjusted smoothly and safely even when installed.
Trouble-free flexibility.

Threaded body adjustable range.

Always flexible, up or down, and all that approved by TUV: this is the threaded body adjustable range for you. The specially designed round thread with optimum fixed pretension of the sport springs ensures easy adjustment in situ and provides force-fitted driving characteristics in any situation with maximum stability.
Perfectly fine-tuned sport.

BILSTEIN 1-way adjustment.

Based on the high-performance BILSTEIN mono-tube technology, the BILSTEIN 1-way adjustment provides easy damping power adjustment in situ by turning the adjuster at the shock absorber. Ten noticeable clicks give a clear haptic feedback. By adjusting rebound and bump at the same time, the driving characteristics can be perfectly fine-tuned to your individual needs. This means that with our BILSTEIN 1-way adjustment you experience sports driving at its finest.
Maximum flexibility. Maximum sport.

BILSTEIN 2-way adjustment.

Maximum softness or maximum hardness – the BILSTEIN 2-way adjustment is an all-in-9one solution for sports enthusiasts: easy manual damping power adjustment and separate adjustment of rebound and bump with clearly visible precise scaling. From 1 (soft) to 10 (hard), the BILSTEIN 2-way adjustment allows for up to 100 variations with noticeable differences.
Including a change of perspective.

BILSTEIN ride height adjustment.

Our ride height adjustment kits are tested thoroughly and with various equipment options by our engineers until the absolute optimum is achieved. Only if we are 100% convinced of its driving characteristics, comfort, suitability for everyday use, appearance, aerodynamics, driving at the limit, residual spring travel, ground clearance and angle of slope, the kit may be called BILSTEIN.
  • Our kits which are tailored to each vehicle contain four springs and four shock absorbers each.
  • Our shortened and extended shocks absorbers in combination with suitable springs ensure the desired effect.
Safe and comfortable.


In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz we have developed the BILSTEIN DampMatic damping force adjustment systems. At lower speeds, it automatically reduces the damping force and ensures greater driving comfort. When the movements are more intense, the damping force is increased to improve the vehicle stability. The results are high performance reserves, maximum safety and , as such, the ideal OE replacement for all BILSTEIN DampMatic-equipped Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
We do that for you.

BILSTEIN DampTronic.

As a practical plug & play solution, our active BILSTEIN DampTronic damping system offers the ideal upgrade for vehicles with factory-fitted electronic adjustment systems. As you drive, vibrations are constantly monitored by sensors and relayed to the central control unit and the shock absorbers. This means the vehicle constantly and automatically adjusts itself to the road conditions – for perfect traction control and stable handling. Our broad OE replacement range includes a large selection for makes such as Mercedes-Benz, MBW, Porsche and many more.
Pure individuality.

BILSTEIN Ridecontrol.

Enjoying the perfect driving experience, getting the most out of every curve – the personal demands for a suspension systems can differ immensely. BILSTEIN ridecontrol is a byword for individuality. The system provides an easy way to reconfigure suspension settings, simply by pushing a button on the dashboard. By activating “Sport” mode, you get excellent driving dynamics from a standing start and maximum high-performance reserves, even when you’re right on the limit.
Appsolutely smart choice.


Why press buttons in your car when you’ve got a smartphone? The BILSTEIN iRC module with 3D-G acceleration sensor allows you to actively and individually configure your suspension using a phone app for BILSTEIN ridecontrol suspension systems. With the selectable modes of “comfort+”, “sport+” and “auto”, you can set the optimum driving characteristics in response to any demand or driving situation. The app which is compatible with all iOS and Android systems earned the name BILSTEIN due to its additional adjustment options for tolerance angles, acceleration thresholds (crosswise, lengthwise, vertically) and, of course, control times. The option to use the dashboard button for switching remains.