Reduction in braking distance. Investment in safety.

VanContact™ 200

Optimal braking for more safety.
  • Safe journey thanks to shorter braking distances on wet roads
  • Considerably reduced rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption and greater efficiency
  • Safe handling in all situations, even under heavy loads
Safety. And even more efficiency.

VanContact™ 100

Efficiency and safety for daily use.
  • High level of efficiency thanks to higher mileage
  • Improved durability on all roads and thus longer service life
  • High safety reserves for heavy loads
Economic lifestyle enhanced by German technology.

VanContact™ Eco

Comfortable driving with maximum efficiency.
  • Maximum fuel efficiency thanks to an innovative compound
  • Enhanced mileage through a wear optimised pattern
  • The innovative groove design improves the noise level comfort
Handles every load on every road.

VanContact™ AP

The robust companion with increased longevity.
  • High durability in challenging road conditions
  • Long-lasting even under heavy load
  • Highly resistant tread compound
Extremely safe. Extremely economical.

Vanco™ 2

Robust, safe and extremely durable.
  • Perceptible car-orientated handling
  • Excellent wet braking performance
  • Outstanding protection against aquaplaning