From agricultural to military vehicles, bridges to ferris wheels, KONI provides tailor-made dampers to enhance the performance and safety of any machine on which they are installed. Whatever the requirement, industrial, on or off-road, a suitable damper is available. Bridges and windmills even use KONI dampers, proving KONI’s problem solving capabilities for every damping challenge.

For these special projects, please contact our dedicated Sales & Engineering department, or read more about our defense applications.


Shock Absorbers

KONI’s extensive range of high performance shock absorbers are used on a wide range of commercial and military vehicles requiring high speed off road mobility. Shock absorbers can be offered for both tracked and wheeled vehicles for almost all axle weights and wheel travel.

What are the benefits?

Defense missions world wide demand the most of both man and materials. To be able to fully rely on the equipment, reliable and competent partners are essential. With our long-lasting experience in the defense business, KONI, as part of ITT, has the competence to support our customers worldwide. Our technologies, R&D and testing capabilities as well as our production facilities enable us to partner with our customers to help them achieve their goals.


What are the benefits?

KONI and Piedrafita rotary damper solutions, leverage on Piedrafita’s proven production solutions and extensive development in the tracked vehicle market.
AR29T is the new generation of Rotary Damper especially designed for heavy vehicles operating in very tough environment. This is the direct evolution of the AR01/AR02 damper with an extended range of use with temperature, load and life time.
The performance of the unit has been shown to remain the same during its whole maintenance free life and exhibits an extremely low friction torque. Use of titanium alloy and high-tensile steel in the design of key parts coupled to a significant weight reduction option for customers looking for high performance – low weight solution.


High Performance Range of
Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension Systems

Why Hydroride® and why KONI?

Hydro pneumatic suspension were first patented in the 1930’s and were used extensively by the French car manufacturer Citroën from the 1950’s to the present day. Although this type of technology has been used on light vehicles, its development on heavier vehicles has been slow whereas air spring and metal spring technology has been widely applied. The key reason has been the perceived high cost relative to conventional solutions. KONI with their extensive industrial capability and suspension design experience, has developed a range of Hydroride® solutions to meet the market requirements which will be mass produced in Europe for the world market to exacting standards and high quality.
Hydroride® combines effective damping with a rising rate spring relative to the linear rate of a torsion bar or standard coil spring. Together with tuned damping, the rising rate means that the Hydroride® suspension can absorb more energy as the vehicle travels fast over rough ground without hitting the bump stops resulting in lower shock loads for the vehicle and crew. The spring force can be changed by adjusting the gas pressure allowing different wheel loads to be easily accommodated without having to change any hardware.
For electric trucks and buses, there is a growing requirement for low energy/low weight/low noise and low volume suspensions which a Hydroride® suspension with RHMS can provide. For military markets, weight and volume are equally important to enable the chassis designer to maximize on the payload volume plus the need for RHMS for lowering and raising the vehicle for transportation, stealth and increasing ground clearance.

Ride Height Management System

A key additional capability of a Hydroride® suspension system is a Ride Height Management System (RHMS). This enables the vehicle ride height to be changed with the additional of a light weight hydraulic power pack and controller. RHMS are used on buses, trucks and also military vehicles.


What are the benefits?

KONI has extensive experience of working with Customers to design effective coil spring and dampers assemblies that can be readily adapted to the suspension and chassis. Axtone provides a wide range of engineered springs for industrial, vehicle and recreational markets. Axtone specializes in hot coiled springs with rods from 14 to 80 mm and up to 450mm in diameter and 11.5 meter long. Using round peeled, straightened polished bars as raw material is a key advantage and helps ensure our quality is maintained at the highest levels in the market.


What are the benefits?

KONI’s business in Hydraulic Bump Stops originates from the business of the Jarret company which was founded in 1964 and joined the group in 2005 and is specialized in the design and manufacture of energy absorption products.
A design feature of these highly technical products is the use of visco-elastic elastomeric fluids, a technology that is under continuous development and that has been successfully applied for more than fifty years.
The design of Jarret series industrial shock absorber utilizes the unique compression and shear characteristics of specially formulated silicone elastomers.
These characteristics allow the energy absorption and return spring functions to be combined into a single unit without the need for an additional gas or mechanical spring stroke return mechanism.